Blooket Join: Enjoy Secret Codes, QR Tricks, & More!

Ready to test your knowledge, unleash your competitive spirit, and have a blast?

Blooket is where learning meets epic fun! It’s a quiz game with many cool twists, like monster avatars, power-ups, and many game modes. Join millions of players answering questions, earning points, and battling it out in the classroom, library, or even your living room! It’s the perfect way to boost your knowledge without feeling stuck in a textbook. Ready to unleash your inner trivia champion? Blooket awaits!

This guide will show you how to join Blooket, the fun quiz game everyone discusses. Answer questions, collect cool monsters, and battle your friends while learning without feeling like you’re in school! Ready to level up your knowledge? Let’s go!

blooket join

Deep Dive into Starting a Blooket Game

Account Creation

Signing Up

  • Enter your email and choose a strong password.
  • Select your role (Teacher, Student, or Other).
  • Review and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Verify you’re 13 years or older (optional).
  • Click “Sign Up” and welcome to Blooket!

Logging In

  • Enter your email or username and password.
  • Click “Login” and access your personalized dashboard.

Choosing a Question Set

Discover Sets

  • Use the search bar to find specific topics or browse categories like Math, Science, History, Languages, etc.
  • Filter by grade level, question type, and popularity.
  • Preview sets to see the questions and answer choices before hosting.

My Sets

  • Create your own sets using the user-friendly interface.
  • Import public sets from other platforms using Blooket’s converter tools.
  • Edit and manage your existing sets for future use.

Create Set

  • Select question types (Multiple Choice, True/False, Open Ended).
  • Add questions, answers, and point values.
  • Preview your set and make adjustments before hosting.

Hosting the Game

Selecting a Game Mode

  • Explore options like Tower of Doom (tower building), Classic (multiple-choice quiz), Racing (fast-paced competition), and more.
  • Read the descriptions and rules of each mode to find the best fit.

Setting Time/Goal

  • Choose a time limit for the game (e.g., 10 minutes).
  • Alternatively, set an achievement goal (e.g., earn 10,000 points).
  • Consider your players’ attention span and learning objectives.

Inviting Players

  • Game ID: Copy and share the unique 6-digit code visible on your screen.
  • Players enter this code on to join.
  • QR Code: Print or display the QR code for easy scanning with mobile devices.
  • Join Link: Share this link via email, chat, or online platforms for convenient joining.

The Game Begins!

  • Starting the Game: Click “Start” when everyone is ready.
  • Answering Questions: Players answer questions on their devices.
    • The chosen game mode determines response styles and interactions.
    • Power-ups can be used for strategic advantages.
  • Competitive Gameplay: Players earn points and compete for the top spot.
    • The game mode mechanics dictate how points are gained and lost.
  • Monitoring Progress: As the host, you can observe the leaderboard and individual player performance.

Reviewing and Learning

  • Individual Reports: Access each player’s report to see their answered questions, score, and areas for improvement.
  • Class Reports: Analyze overall class performance to identify common strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discussions: Utilize gameplay and reports to engage students in discussions and solidify learning.

Joining a Blooket Game

Game Code

What is a game code, and where can you find it?

A game code is a unique identifier used to join a specific Blooket game. It’s like a password that lets you into the online classroom for that particular learning session. This code can be found in two places:

  • Provided by your teacher/host: Your teacher or the person hosting the Blooket game will share the game code with you. This could be:
  1. Verbally: They might announce the code in class or write it on the board.
  2. Electronically: They might send it through email, a learning platform message, or a shared document.
  • Through the Blooket website: If you’re joining a public game, you find on the Blooket website:
  1. Go to
  2. Browse the available games in the “Discover” section or search for a specific game.
  3. Click on the game you want to join.
  4. The game code will be displayed on the next page.

Entering the game code on Blooket

  • Go to the Blooket website or app.
  • You can access Blooket on your web browser at or download the app on your mobile device.
  • Enter the game code.
  • Look for the “Join Game” section. It might be a prominent button or a field labeled “Game Code.”
  • Type the code in the field.
  • Ensure you enter the code accurately, including any uppercase or lowercase letters.
  • Choose your nickname (optional).
  • You can customize your name for the game if you want.
  • Click “Join” or “Play.”

 You’ll be connected to the Blooket game and ready to participate!

QR Code

Scan QR Codes in a Flash with Your Smartphone Camera!

Forget typing long URLs or searching endlessly! Scanning QR codes with your smartphone camera is a quick and easy way to access websites, download apps, join games, and more. Here’s how:

  • Open your Camera app: Find the familiar camera icon on your home screen and tap it to launch the app.
  • Point and focus: Hold your phone with the camera facing the QR code. Most phones automatically detect and recognize QR codes, but you might need to adjust the distance slightly for a clear focus.
  • Look for the magic! Within seconds, a notification or banner displaying the information linked to the QR code will appear on your screen. It could be a website address, app download link, or specific action like joining a game.
  • Tap to activate: Tap the notification or banner to follow the link, download the app, or interact as instructed.

That’s it! No need for third-party apps or complicated steps. Scanning QR codes is fast, convenient, and secure, making it a popular choice for various purposes.

Bonus tip

If your phone doesn’t automatically recognize QR codes, check your camera settings. Some models have a dedicated “Scan QR Codes” option you can enable.

 With this simple guide, you can unlock the world of QR codes using your trusty smartphone camera! Happy scanning!

Forget memorizing those pesky game codes! Joining a Blooket session is now smoother than ever with join links. Think of them as express tickets to learning fun, transporting you directly into the game arena with a single tap.

Here’s why join links are your Blooket best friends:

  • Instant Access: No more typing cryptic codes! Just click the link, and you’re ready to answer questions and battle it with your Blook buddies.
  • Share the Fun: Receive a join link from your teacher or friend. Sharing the excitement is simple – forward the link and invite others to join the learning adventure.
  • Works Anywhere: Whether you’re on your laptop, tablet, or phone, the join link works seamlessly across devices. So join the Blooket party no matter where you are!
  • Platform-Agnostic: Unlike platform-specific codes, join links are universally recognized by Blooket, eliminating confusion and ensuring everyone joins the right game.
  • From your teacher: Look for the join link in your class announcement, email, or learning platform message.
  • Public games: Find Blooket games on the website and click the “Join Game” button. The join link will be displayed for you to copy or share.
  • Friend invites: If a friend invites you to their Blooket game, they’ll likely share the join link directly with you.

So there you have it! Blooket join links are key to unlocking a world of interactive learning and friendly competition. Click, join, and get ready to block it out!

Advanced Joining Techniques

  • Private code mastery: Share only the private code’s last 3-4 digits publicly to discourage unwanted players. Reveal the full code to trusted participants privately.
  • Google Classroom integration: If your teacher uses Google Classroom, check assignments for Blooket game links or codes for easy access.
  • Custom URL trick: Ask the host to create a custom URL and share it with trusted players for private games. This eliminates the need for a code.

Optional Steps

Lobbies and Waiting: Explained


  • Lobby: Imagine a virtual waiting room where players gather before a multiplayer game starts. It’s a space to connect, prepare, and wait for enough players to begin.
  • Waiting for Players: This happens when the host creates a lobby and needs more players to join before the game begins. You’ll usually see a message or progress bar indicating how many players are needed and any time estimates.

Tips for Waiting

  • Explore Blooket Features
    • Practice Mode: Most Blooket games have Practice Mode, allowing you to try out the game mechanics and familiarize yourself with the rules before diving in with others.
    • Avatar Customization: Use the time to personalize your Blooket avatar! Dress it up, change its name, and make it stand out!
    • Leaderboards: Check out the leaderboards to see who’s dominating the ranks in different games. It’ll inspire you to climb the ladder later!
    • Browse Games: If you haven’t tried all the games, use this opportunity to explore the different Blooket titles and their descriptions. You might discover a new favorite!
  • Chat with Fellow Blooketeers
    • Lobby Chat: Interact with other players waiting if your lobby allows it. Introduce yourself, chat about other games, or share strategies (if the host allows).
    • Social Media: Connect with players you know on social media and discuss your excitement for the upcoming game.

Bonus Tip

  • Check Connection: If the wait seems unusually long, ensure your internet connection is stable. A strong connection helps ensure a smooth start and reduces delays.

Using these tips, you can transform waiting time into an opportunity to improve your skills, discover new features, and connect with the Blooket community! Remember, have fun and enjoy the game!


Invalid Code

  • Detailed Explanation: An invalid code error usually means a mistake in the code entered. This could be a typo, extra spaces, or using the wrong case (uppercase/lowercase).
  • Troubleshooting Steps:
    • Double-check: Carefully re-enter the code, paying close attention to each character. Ensure there are no extra spaces or capitalization errors.
    • Copy & Paste: Copy and paste the code directly from the source to avoid typos.
    • Contact Host: If the error persists, message the host in the lobby chat. They can verify the code or provide a new one.

Unable to Scan QR Code

  • Detailed Explanation: Sometimes, scanning the QR code might not work due to poor lighting, camera issues, or outdated scanner apps.
  • Alternative Joining Methods:
    • Game ID: Look for the game ID displayed below the QR code. Enter this ID manually in the joining screen.
    • Direct Link: Some hosts might share a direct link to the game. Click on this link to join instantly.

Beyond the Basics: Troubleshooting

  • Private game woes: Ensure you type the code exactly as the host provides, including capitalization and spaces. Double-check for typos!
  • Connectivity issues: Refresh the page, clear your browser cache, or try a different browser. A stable internet connection is crucial.
  • Account-related problems: Contact Blooket support directly for login, account issues, or bugs.

Playing as a Guest

Benefits of Creating an Account

  • Save Progress: Track your performance and game history.
  • Unlock Customization: Design your unique Blooket avatar and personalize your profile.
  • Connect with Friends: Add friends, join their games, and compete on leaderboards.

Guest Access

  • Convenience: Join games instantly without account creation.
  • Limited Features: Enjoy basic gameplay but miss personalization and progress tracking.

Finding Games to Join

  • Public Games Section: On the Blooket website, explore the “Public Games” section.
  • Filters: Narrow your search using filters for categories (Trivia, Math, etc.), game modes (Solo, Teams, etc.), and even player counts.
  • Additional Tips:
    • Refresh: New games always appear, so refresh the page to see the latest options.
    • Read descriptions: Check the game description for rules, player count, and host preferences.

Joining Friends’ Games

  • Social Aspect: Connect with friends, collaborate, and have fun in a shared Blooket experience.
  • Learning and Competition: Share strategies, learn from each other’s approaches and create friendly competition.
  • Joining Methods:
    • Search by Name: If your friend’s game is public, search for it by their Blooket username.
    • Direct Invite: Ask your friend to send you a direct invite link for their game.

Safety and Security

  • Age-Appropriateness: Blooket content and interactions are carefully moderated to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages.
  • Data Privacy: Blooket prioritizes data privacy. They adhere to strict regulations and collect only necessary information for account management and gameplay.
  • Report Button: If you encounter inappropriate content or behavior, use the in-game reporting button to bring it to the moderators’ attention.


Waiting in an online lobby doesn’t have to be boring! Whether you’re a Blooket pro or just joining the fun, remember these key points

Joining is a breeze

  • No account needed: Jump into public games instantly as a guest.
  • Create an account (optional): Unlock awesome features like progress tracking, avatar customization, and friend connections.
  • Find the perfect game: Browse public games by category, mode, or player count.
  • Join friends’ games: Connect, collaborate, and compete in shared learning adventures.

While you wait

  • Explore Blooket features: Practice games, customize your avatar, or check out leaderboards.
  • Chat with fellow players: Make new friends and share your excitement in the lobby chat.

Safety and security are top priorities

  • Age-appropriate: Enjoy a moderated environment designed for fun for all ages.
  • Data privacy: Blooket prioritizes your information, following strict regulations.

Ready to learn and laugh?

Head to and discover a world of interactive games, engaging quizzes, and endless possibilities! Share your Blooket experiences using #Blocket Fun – Let’s see how you learn and play!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Blooket community today!


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